Writing Prompt – don’t figure it out

Don't Figure It Out

The prompt to end all prompts. Don’t bother trying to figure it out. Where you’re going or what your pay dirt will turn out to be. Too much depends on stuff that’s way over the horizon, beyond your line of sight and your understanding. In a million years I couldn’t have imagined ending up where […]

Writing Prompt – tenacity

High pile of hardcover books

So here’s a prompt on how to write. Here’s the thing. Barbara O’Neal wrote it. “Writers write. They write and write and write and write, until they write themselves into their own understanding of who they are and what they bring to the page.” Took me fifteen years of write, write, write until I wrote […]

Writing Prompt – Your Voice


Now let’s come up with a prompt on what to write. Everyone of us has a little voice deep inside that’s formed by our upbringing, experience, education and years of just slogging through life. That voice is what makes every one of us special with a unique view of the world. My voice is definitely […]

Best Writing Prompt – ass in the chair!


The best one is simple, get out of your damn bed, put your ass in the chair, turn on your machine and start to type. No going on Facebook, checking your email, Twittering pals or watching the Today show. Can’t take a quick run, make another pot of coffee, call a buddy or cut your […]