Tony Vanderwarker on Daytime Blue Ridge TV

Tony Vanderwarker at WSLS TV

Tony Vanderwarker, a guest appearance on WSLS 10 Daytime Blue Ridge TV talking about his exciting writing adventure authoring two novels that release together, Sleeping Dogs (a suspense thriller), and Writing With The Master (memoir about writing with John Grisham).

Tony Vanderwarker on CBS 6 News


RICHMOND, Va (WTVR) – Author Tony Vanderwarker published two books, just this week, thanks to his neighbor, best-selling author John Grisham.  He shared his incredible experience of being mentored by John Grisham while writing a thriller in  ’Writing With the Master.’ The other book out this week is that novel,  “Sleeping Dogs.” You have the […]

Tony Vanderwarker: Master Class


“I was sitting at lunch with John one day, and he asked how my writing was going,” Tony Vanderwarker said. “I didn’t want to tell him that I was on my seventh unpublished novel, so I just said it’s been a little bit of an uphill. He said he’d be glad to mentor me, write […]

Tony Vanderwarker on NBC29 News

Tony Vanderwarker nbc29 news

This week NBC29 news featured a spot about Tony’s two books that released today. Below is the video spot and a link to the news site, also don’t miss your opportunity to join Tony’s Kickstarter campaign (only a few days left!):

Tony Launches Kickstarter Campaign – Don’t Miss it!

Today Tony launched his campaign. Tony invites you to help with this project and get the word out about the controversy around lost nukes scattered across the United States. Join the effort and get your name written in this aspiring bestseller! We would love to hear your feedback. Please comment below to share your thoughts […]

Radio Interview With Tony Vanderwarker

Radio interview with Tony Vanderwarker – Jan 2014, regarding his latests book: “Writing With The Master”, a book describing his experience with writing a book under the mentorship of John Grisham.

Writing With The Master: American Library Assocation Review


According to the prestigious Booklist, the source for American Library Association reviews, Writing With The Master is a captivating unique accompaniment to the novel Sleeping Dogs. A must read of every budding writer. Read more of the review below. The Booklist Review Perhaps every budding writer fantasizes about having a successful veteran author looking over […]

How an unpublished author went from dead in the water to a two-book deal


How Tony Vanderwarker pulled it off is an amazing story. First he wrote a book about the experience of writing a thriller under the guidance of master storyteller John Grisham. With passages from his novel alternating with Grisham’s comments and critiques, Writing With The Master is a master class in thriller writing as well a glimpse into […]

Grub Street Daily – Five Writing Traps John Grisham Helped Me See

writing traps to avoid

Tony Vanderwarker releases his famous 5 writing traps to avoid to the world at The Grub Daily – online publication. First thing he told me:  “The best advice is based on brutal honesty.”  And brutal he was. Get these traps out of the woods you write in sooner rather than later and your story — […]

John Grisham, My Neighbor My Muse


Tony Vanderwarker “sounds off” in a published article at Beyond The Margins, an online sounding board for published works. He savaged my first draft.  Tore it to pieces, didn’t even read the whole thing.  The manuscript he returned to me looked like a flock of chickens with inked feet had tromped over it, whole sections […]