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Picked up by a New York publisher, my editor quickly realized the opportunity for my novel, Sleeping Dogs, and bought the digital rights. On February 4th, Skyhorse Publishing released both, the book about writing a thriller and the thriller itself. Inspired and guided by master storyteller, John Grisham, the plot of Sleeping Dogs takes amazing twists and turns before ending in an unexpected and spellbinding climax.

Most people don’t realize that eleven unrecovered nuclear weapons are scattered around the U.S. from mid-air mishaps and crashes when B-52s were in the air 24-7 during the Cold War. Howie Collyer, a disgraced Pentagon whistleblower, discovers an old pilot who might know a nuke’s location. Kidnapping the pilot, he takes him on a search for the missing bomb, followed by al-Qaeda and the Pentagon. Who’s going to get to the bomb first? Al-Qaeda’s suicide diver, the Pentagon task force eager for a cover-up, or Collyer with a chance to permanently expose the threat the lost bombs pose?

Tony says about his unexpected two-book deal:

Breaking new ground is always fun and I think readers will appreciate getting an inside look at novel writing and then reading the result. It’s never been done before and my bet is that people will find it a unique and entertaining reading experience.