Best Writing Prompt – ass in the chair!

The best one is simple, get out of your damn bed, put your ass in the chair, turn on your machine and start to type. No going on Facebook, checking your email, Twittering pals or watching the Today show. Can’t take a quick run, make another pot of coffee, call a buddy or cut your toenails. Don’t pick up the novel you started last night, open the paper or empty the dishwasher.

It’s ass in chair time. As uncomfortable as it is, let the whining come out, all the “But I don’t know what to write, I don’t even know if I’m any good,” crap that swirls around in every writer’s head, give it a good airing until like Febreze, it fades away. Type another letter, then another. Eventually words, sentences, maybe even complete thoughts will come out. That’s the magic moment when you come to realize you’ve been prompted. If you think there’s another way, you’re kidding yourself.