How an unpublished author went from dead in the water to a two-book deal

How Tony Vanderwarker pulled it off is an amazing story. First he wrote a book about the experience of writing a thriller under the guidance of master storyteller John Grisham. With passages from his novel alternating with Grisham’s comments and critiques, Writing With The Master is a master class in thriller writing as well a glimpse into the crazy roller coaster ride of the creative process.

Acquired by a New York publisher, Skyhorse, the editor quickly realized the opportunity for Tony’s novel, Sleeping Dogs, and bought the digital rights. Skyhorse Publishing has release both, the book about writing a thriller and the thriller itself.

“Breaking new ground is always fun and I think readers will appreciate getting an inside look at novel writing and then reading the result. It’s never been done before and my bet is that people will find it unique and entertaining.”