Writing With The Master: American Library Association Review

According to the prestigious Booklist, the source for American Library Association reviews, Writing With The Master is a captivating unique accompaniment to the novel Sleeping Dogs. A must read of every budding writer. Read more of the review below.

The Booklist Review

Perhaps every budding writer fantasizes about having a successful veteran author looking over his or her shoulder, offering warnings to help avoid the pitfalls of composing and submitting a first novel. Imagine, for instance, penning a crime thriller while John Grisham offers you advice on building suspense. For Vanderwarker, a former ad-agency owner who cashed in to focus on writing, this proved to be no idle fantasy; Grisham actually did help him pen his debut novel, the soon-to-be-released Sleeping Dogs.

Since both were already friends and neighbors in Charlottesville, Virginia, some form of mentoring was perhaps inevitable, but Vanderwarker wisely waited until Grisham offered. Although this short but captivating story of their collaboration sometimes feels like a rushed, albeit unique, accompaniment to the novel, it’s brimming with invaluable literary lessons and amusing anecdotes, such as Vanderwarker’s wry descriptions of the ego bruising he endured from Grisham’s blunt criticism and prodding to construct a whopping seven outlines for his novel before he actually began writing it. Must reading for both aspiring thriller authors and die-hard Grisham fans.

— Carl Hays
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