Tony and John first met on the sidelines of an athletic field thirteen years ago. They became friends when their sons played football together. Traveling to games and socializing, they talked about John’s writing all the time as there was plenty to talk about. But they seldom talked about Tony’s since he’d only come close to publishing.

Until one day in 2005 when over lunch John asked Tony the question that changed the direction of his writing and his life.

Fast forward five years later, Tony gets the idea of writing a book about writing the novel with Grisham. “Writing a book about writing a book,” Tony explains, “sounds about as interesting as watching grass grow. But I took a couple runs at it and finally figured out that I might be able to pull it off. Trouble was, Tony needed John’s permission to use his critiques and margin notes, without them he’d be dead in the water. Would he shake his head or give him a thumbs up? Fortunately, John gave the go ahead and with hundreds of his margin notes and twelve pages of critiques like the one below, Tony jumped in.

But not all of his comments were as complimentary as this one. For two years, John and Tony back and forthed with plot outlines, chapter outlines and drafts. And that give and take between the famous author and his aspiring novelist sprinkled with the asides and observations of the author compose Writing With The Master.

Esmond Harmsworth, a well-known and respected literary agent, called it “…the funniest and most compelling book about writing ever written.” For Grisham fans and anyone who’s ever dreamed of writing a novel, its a must-read. Coming from Skyhorse in 2014.